PERU: MINEM “sale of the Cobriza mine is a priority” after the death of the Doe Run worker due to overflow of tailings

After the overflow of mining tailings last Saturday, December 21 in Huancavelica, rescuers found the body of David Estrada Carhuallanqui. Miner who did not run with the luck of staying alive as his companions involved in the same accident. Ismael Taipe Javier and Jaime Huamán Huamaní, workers of the contractor VIC2, who were harmed when they were drilling in one of the tailings wells. The event occurred specifically in the San Pedro Coris district, province of Churcampa.

According to the Peruvian news agency ANDINA, on December 27 Juan Carlos Liu, Minister of Energy and Mines received union leaders from the mine operated by Doe Run Peru. In this meeting with operators and leaders of the Cobriza mining unit, they affirm that “Liu ratified its commitment to defend life, preserve the physical integrity and safety of the workers of this mining unit, as well as to ensure the protection of the environment in the area and work continuity. ”They also comment that the minister expressed his solidarity and concern about the accident that occurred in that mine.

Liu said that mining activities in Cobriza can only be carried out while there are full safety guarantees for workers. Given this, workers said they will put all their effort to demand and maintain safe conditions and operations in the mine. “I am interested in protecting, above all, the life and integrity of people, the environment, as well as the continuity of jobs. Those are my priorities, ”he said.

The delegation of workers, headed by the leader Elvis Yupanqui Camarena, general secretary of the Cobriza Mining Workers Union, agreed with the minister that the safety and life of workers is the main value to protect and that they are committed to improving protocols to continue with the mining activity and preserve their jobs.


At the meeting, the minister listened carefully to the approaches of the mining leaders, who gave an account of the labor landscape in the company, requested support for the defense of their jobs and asked for information on the liquidation process of the Doe Run Peru company, Cobriza mine operator. Liu Yonsen said that the sale of the mine remains a high priority in the sector and that it works with the Carrizales Infraestructura & Servicios Públicos SCRL, liquidator of the assets of Doe Run Peru, through the board of creditors so that Perform in the shortest possible time.

He also explained that the security and environmental inspection bodies, which are autonomous and are attached to other ministries, are those that define the conditions under which mining operations in Cobriza can be restarted. And about the resumption of operations in the North Chancadora tailor, which is another of the workers’ demands, the minister explained that the regulator Osinergmin was conducting inspections at the mine to verify if that facility was in a position to continue working or not. “We will put all our efforts to move the mine forward and maintain jobs, but we must ensure that the safety and health of workers, as well as the environment, are properly protected,” he concluded.

Source: Andina / Publimetro