Our Philosophy


To provide specialized, hi-tech engineering services and products in the areas of geotechnics, operations control and environment. Our services and products have been applied mainly to the mining industry, solid waste, power and construction, always generating value for our clients.


To be regarded as a world class strategic adviser for our clients through our innovation, promoting human integrity and caring for the environment.



We care for our contributors and their surroundings by continually ensuring that we comply with active regulations and the high safety standards of our clients.


We are a business determined to maximize the culture of innovation, which leads us to actively participate in the delivery of products and services.


We develop all our projects with professional ethics and transparency, while treating our clients, members, and the environment with respect.

Customer focus

The services we offer go further than only satisfying the client’s needs, they create a relationship of confidence based on responsibility and focus on the completion of the results.


We complete our work in an efficient and precise manner, committing ourselves to meeting the deadlines and requirements stipulated in the technical proposal, maintained with our Quality Management System.


We promote collaboration and teamwork as the method of achieving optimal performance, including each member of the business in a positive and participative atmosphere.

Social Business Responsibility

We willingly seek to reconcile growth and competition by promoting integrity of individuals, social improvements, and caring for the environment.