What do we do?

Geotecnia Ambiental, is a company dedicated to engineering and consulting, with 14 years of presence in the national market, certified under the ISO 9001: 2008 quality standards. Its services offer includes the disciplines of geotechnics, operational control and the environment, focused on innovation and aimed at adding value to mining, energy and construction projects, with emphasis on the management of industrial deposits.

One of the services recognized by the market is the “Operational Management of Massive Deposits”, particularly mining (conventional and thickened tailings, leaching gravel and sterile among others), which consists of an engineering solution that optimizes the process of operation of the deposits, through an efficient control of the works, generating updated documentation of the real state of the deposit, allowing the client to make decisions in a timely manner.

On the other hand, it highlights the experience in the energy industry for the design and advice on deposits of ash and slag from thermoelectric plants, as well as in geotechnical studies for their facilities, electrical substations, high voltage lines, among other works of interest.

We have specialized technology and the assistance of qualified professionals in the field and the office, for the execution of the services, considering: on-site and laboratory tests, supervision of construction and operational works, monitoring of geotechnical, geometric and water parameters, environmental consulting and the planning of the deposit. Whether projects in the operation or start-up phase, that require the implementation of an effective operation management and control tool, for the prevention and warning of the risks linked to their works.

Our interest is to add value to the mining projects of our constituents, through a service with high quality and safety standards, adjusted to their real needs.