The Management of Innovation develops high impact projects, in order to transfer competitive, technological and environmentally sustainable solutions to our clients. We have found backups through an internal system of innovation management, which allow us to systemize and document the processes of continuous improvement and of innovations, as well as to strengthen our areas of service, join networks of contacts and the creation of new lines of business.

Through boosting the activities of I+D+I for more than 10 years, we have accomplished maintaining a highly competitive position in the market. We have succeeded becoming the vanguard of knowledge and being visualized as a pioneering business in the area of our competition. As a result of this, GA has the conviction that innovation is our main competitive advantage and a key tool to permanently deal with the challenges we face.

Our system for innovations management is based on a declaration from the beginning of our company. It is captured in the politics of innovation that directs the mechanism of I+D+i together with a model that describes and integrates the phases of innovation. This model was composed for the strategic and product management, as well as creating knowledge, the exploitation and assurance of the results and finally the control of documents and indicators, which return information crucial to analyzing the efficiency of the system.


The diverse projects that our business has led to raising the brand GA in the market and furthermore has allowed us to join a collaborative platform with various relevant actors from the academic, public and private sectors. These actors are from a national and international level, reflecting the diverse alliances and deals achieved by our business.