Chilean environmental authority supports Rajo Inca, Codelco project for US $ 1 billion

This is the strategy that the state mining company is promoting to extend the useful life of the Salvador division for another 40 years and increase its production from 2021.
With a positive background on February 28, 2020, the environmental commission of the Atacama Region will face the Rajo Inca project, belonging to the state-owned Codelco. This, after the Environmental Assessment Service (SEA) of that region supported the background presented by the company, recommending giving the initiative a green light, which began its environmental study in October 2018.
This is one of the structural projects currently promoted by the state mining company: it considers an investment of about US $ 1 billion and, as explained by the Corporation, will allow the Salvador Division to continue operating for another 40 years and increase production by 30% of the current levels from 2021, so its development is key to the future of that division.

By: El mercurio