GA Group

GA Group, is a group of innovative companies, at the forefront of comprehensive engineering solutions in the field of geotechnics, the environment, and the design, management and operational control of industrial deposits. Our group is made up of companies: GA Servicios, GA Operaciones and Equipos Curacautín. Taking as a base the trajectory accumulated by more than 15 years of the company Geotecnia Ambiental Ltd.

GA Group, is created from the vision of its founder, Dr. Raúl Espinace Abarzúa, who together with the Geotechnical Group of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV), carries out the Geotecnia Ambiental project, backed in more than 30 years of experience in strategic consultancies.

We serve various industries, mainly in the mining, construction, solid waste, energy and ports sectors.

We are experts in the problems of the market, with more than 400 success cases, helping our clients to optimize their production, deliver environmental security and manage their operations, in their various engineering projects.

Since its inception, we have maintained a productive link with the national and international academic sector, generating a virtuous network with public institutions, industries and technology providers. What has allowed us to impact the market with more than 10 successful cases of innovation.

At GA Group we are concerned with solving the real problems of our clients, based on a deep understanding of their business and their challenges, plus a comprehensive and personalized service approach per project, validated with excellence and experience in numerous success cases, and differentiated by an applied technological support.

Our value proposition is supported by an interdisciplinary expert team made up of technicians, professionals and doctors, corresponding to internal collaborators and strategic partners from different areas of the world. Generating synergy to face various challenges presented by the market.

We are GA, we seek to be world class referents and strategic partners of our clients, building relationships of trust through consulting and services, accompanied by innovation, training of specialized human team and creation of long-term partnerships.