Operations Control

Operations Control

We offer services associated to the geotechnical control of massive mining deposits and civil works in general, applying our own techniques as field tests and technical consulting to optimize construction of aforementioned massive mining deposits. We also support the foreman in the phases of construction, operation and closing. We contribute a vast operations control experience, consulting permanently for medium and large scale mining projects associated with conventional, thickened and paste tailings deposits since 2004.

We have two areas of broad experience:

Industrial and Mining Waste Deposits

  • Geotechnical characterization in sites of interest
  • Consulting in the framework of the management of tailings
  • Audits of deposits based on the active regulations
  • Geotechnical consulting and control during the operation
  • Topographical control and monitoring, to determine volume and lifetime
  • Control in the application of dust suppressing products
  • Technical inspection of works in geotechnical drillings

Geotechnical survey

  • Terrain survey
  • Determination of parameters in situ
  • Penetration testing
  • Lightweight variable energy penetrometer (panda)
  • Instalation of instruments for piezometric control
  • Topographical surveys