Atacama Kozan

Sectoral permits associated with the Project to expand the El Gato tailings dam – Atacama Kozan

Tierra Amarilla, Copiapó

The main objective of the proposal was the elaboration of the sectoral permits, which emanated from the environmental evaluation of the Project “Capacity Increase of El Gato Tailings dam”. Likewise, once the sectoral permits were presented to the corresponding public institutions, the proposal considered the processing and monitoring of the permits, until the follow-up of the first delivery to be processed.

According to the request of the principal, the scope of this proposal covered the sectoral permits indicated below:

  • Construction of Tailings Dam (SERNAGEOMIN)
  • Waste Disposal (Health Department)
  • Construction of Hydraulic Works (Water Department)
  • Modification of the Natural Channel (Water Department)