Geotechnical design of second stage of expansion of leaching deposit in Biocobre Plant – Pucobre

Paipote, Copiapó

The project consisted in the design of a new extension for the deposit of gravel from the Biocobre plant, located in the sector of Paipote, Copiapó. The lands adjoin the route 31 Ch south of the processing plant.

The scope of the services performed corresponded to all the studies and geotechnical analysis for the correct materialization of the project. Considering:

  • General background of the site area.
  • Specific geotechnical description of the deposit site.
  • Determination of the volumetric capacity of the deposit
  • Geometric design of the deposit in conjunction with your growth plan.
  • Projection of profiles of the stages of growth, from the beginning of the deposit until
    reach the projected life.
  • Evaluation of the structural stability of the deposit.
  • Definition of annexed works.