Codelco Andina

Diagnosis of the Ovejería tailings deposit – Codelco Andina

Huechún, Tiltil

The goal of this study was to perform a geotechnical diagnosis of the Ovejería tailings dam.

The project had two stages of analysis:

  • The first consisted in the diagnosis of the compliance degree with the design and the commitments acquired, based on the existing documentary information in Codelco, regarding the tailings dam. The information obtained was complemented by interviews with the technicians involved in the process in order to obtain information not included in the documentary records.
  • The second stage was carried out based on the results obtained in the first stage and the analysis of the information provided by the drillholes in development and those recently executed. A diagnosis of the geotechnical stability of the dam was carried out according to DS No. 248 article and, in addition, the dangerous distance was estimated according to the recent recommendations of Sernageomin and to the criteria used by this consultant in other projects.