GA Forms Bipartite Training Committee

In accordance with the provisions of article 13 of law 19,518, it is mandatory for companies with a staff of 15 workers or more, to constitute a bipartite training committee, whose functions will be to agree and evaluate the occupational training of the company, as well as advising the management of this in training matters. In this way, the law establishes two functions that correspond to the bipartite training committee, on the one hand, to agree on the company’s occupational training program (s) and, secondly, to evaluate them.

That is why, through personal and secret voting, the employees of Geotecnia Ambiental elected on March 11, 2020, Jenifer Diaz, in charge of administration; Felipe Lazcano, Trainee Engineer and Daniel Gallardo, Project Engineer of the Operation Control area as the members of the bipartite training committee.

We congratulate and thank the selected employees for their work! In addition, we recognize all the members of the company who actively participated in this voting process, which was audited by Mauricio Cifuentes Tapia, ACHS labor relations officer.

Vote counting


Employees after the announcement of elected staff


Left to right: Daniel Gallardo, Jenifer Diaz y Felipe Lazcano.


By: Catherine Betancourt