GA creates first website that reveals the physical stability of industrial waste facilities.

It is “made in Chile”, free and you can use it on any device with an internet connection.

The importance of the physical stability of industrial waste deposits and their role in the socio-environmental atmosphere is undeniable. The item has experienced regrettable episodes at the international level in recent years, such as the case of Brumadinho in Brazil 2019, events that have put the lives and safety of entire populations at risk.

As for the sanitary landfills, as a result of the consequences generated by different failures in Chile, such as the case of Santa Marta in 2016, which suffered a landslide and subsequent fire, sequels difficult to size have been generated. Faced with both scenarios, Geotecnia Ambiental has actively participated in generating new knowledge by adapting and incorporating novel technologies and methodologies that allow facing the current and future challenges associated with the comprehensive management of industrial warehouses, based mainly on its experience and know-how. for over 16 years.

In this sense and under the current health crisis, GA recently released as a specialized company the 4 Fundamental Aspects in the Tailings Deposits Monitoring under Covid-19.

Focused on contributing to the safety of these structures, today GA makes publicly available the “GA Evaluators of physical stability of deposits”, portable tools to support operational management for both landfills and tailings deposits, whose objective is to provide to know the current status of your deposit based on technical specifications.

This instrument delivers value to its users through a rapid and preliminary evaluation that allows taking preventive actions and putting the socio-environmental security of these facilities first.

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