GA & CGG New Technology Partners!

We are pleased to announce that, in May 2020, Geotecnia Ambiental and CGG have established a commercial collaboration relationship to deliver remote monitoring services through innovative 2D InSAR satellite solutions in both high and low resolution. Recently, as the first joint commercial action, a proposal was offered to a prominent mining consortium to monitor its active and inactive deposits globally.

The CGG company, founded in 1931, has a presence in more than 30 countries and specializes in the geoscience area, integrating geology and geophysics services. CGG’s Satellite Mapping team – a world-leader in the provision of satellite remote sensing solutions since 1972 – are experts in the provision of satellite imagery and measurement data. The objective of the satellite monitoring program offered by this collaboration focuses on controlling and managing the physical stability of various engineering works, highlighting industrial warehouses, through the use of technologies that can detect changes and / or critical movements related to potential hazards. of failures, to deliver real-time reports and timely notifications to the client.

The scope of this service covers tailings storage facilities (TSF) in both active and inactive sites and surface areas exposed to landslides induced by underground operations. Finally, we highlight that, through this cooperation, GA will be able to enhance its remote advisory services for comprehensive management and mining deposit registry engineering, backed by its team of professionals specialized in geotechnics, operational management and environmental consulting.

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