Environmental Impact Study of the Large Scale Port will enter the SEA in April 2020

The general manager of the San Antonio Port Company, Luis Knaak, ruled out that the initial programming of the Large Scale Port has been delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic and ensured that the Environmental Impact Study of the project will be entered into the Environmental Impact Service (SEA) during this month. “We this April are going to make the entry of the Environmental Impact Study and indeed we have not considered changes in the programming that we have for the project. We continue with a date that at the end of this decade the project should start operating, “Knaak told PortalPortuario.cl.

Regarding the date on which the Environmental Impact Study of the mega port will be entered, the general manager of the state company indicated “we believe it will be done in the second half of April.” Knaak also explained that “initially we wanted to enter the EIA at the end of March and we are going to take another couple of weeks, but mainly due to a situation of the project itself, of the studies, there is no relationship with the Covid-19”.

On the other hand, the EPSA general manager added that the authority “has informed that all the studies that require citizen participation will be on hiatus when they reach this stage if the issue of Covid-19 has not been resolved and no public meetings can be held ”. During this day, the mayor of the Valparaíso Region, Jorge Martínez, assured that no change has been made in the progress schedule of the mega port in San Antonio as a result of the situation by Covid-19.

Along these lines, Knaak confirmed that “the deadlines that we are managing are maintained. This is an investment project of, say, a large scale. This takes time, they are slow to develop, and the truth is that we continue to think that the project should be in operation in the second half of this decade, that has not changed. ” “These infrastructure projects are long-term and must be done in time, they must be effectively programmed well and we continue to maintain the original plan today. It is a 10-year project, so if I fall behind three or six months more, it is indeed part of the margins that one manages in this type of project, “concluded the general manager of Puerto San Antonio.

Source: Portal Portuario